Translation & Interpretation

Anyone can be bilingual, it takes years of training to be an interpreter, I have 30 years of experience and certifications. Less than 5 minutes can save you time and money.

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What You Should Expect

A professional demeanor with knowledge of protocol. Accurate and unbiased renditions. No paraphrasing from an inexperienced interpreter. Certified and sworn to follow a code of ethics. Most reasonable prices with experienced and assurance of quality work.

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All Fields of Service

Medical Industry

Hospitals, Mental & Health, Medical Pamphlets & Documents.


Judicial, Conferences, Trainings, Mediations.

Up to Date

Certifications & Licenses remain current.


From Safety Pamphlets to Traveling in the US & Abroad

Let's Communicate!

Hispanics are the largest growing minority group in U.S. The ability to communicate effectively with your customers, patients, employees or clients opens many new doors for your business.